Let’s get smart here

Let's get smart here

I wrote my thesis on how to wear houndstooth.

Ok guys, you may not know it but I know what is going on before you even try to tell me.  I mean, come on, I am a dog,  my ancestors and I have been around for a while and we still hardly understand a damn word you say.  I know a certain curse word or two mean to move out of the way but before that I can tell by your breathing, posture and facial expression what might be going down.  I knew the way that my Mom and Dad called me over earlier that I was going to put into some ridiculous outfit and made to sit still for some odd reason.   Let me just say this.  From my understanding you humans can sit at a table together and have a conversation and 80% of how you interpret each other comes merely from facial expression, posture, tone, and inflection to say the least.  So If your dog only knows 20-30 words of your language, and that is pretty good, imagine how much of his actions and decisions are based on the same things and not on what you have said.   Seriously consider your actions and emotions and how they affect your dog.  We pick up on your vibes and the better you feel, the better we feel.  Try to de-stress and smile more.  Worry less and we will be more balanced and better behaved as well.  That is all for now, I seriously have to nap.  Mozzarella out!

About ocdogman

I am a private dog trainer and behavior consultant in Orange County California. I focus on making training and conditioning simple and offer insight to common problems faces by the majority of dog owners. I employ several methods of training using corrections and varied reinforcers. I generally stand by limiting aversive principles and focus on the behaviors I would like to teach using food and marker training. I often encounter nutrition issues and have been successful in remedying many leading to more focused, relaxed and balanced dogs.
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